Thursday, November 1, 2007

October 2007 Earnings

Another good month of earnings. October had 130.63% increase over September.

Google earnings $24.28
Parked pages $10.66
Total for October $34.94

Google Results

Parked pages results once again was the best performing parked page.

Sure would like to own 1,000 more like SugarFreeCereal.coms

Added two new domains to portfolio of domains at end of October


Anonymous said...

Ramz, when do you plan on exiting your current day job?

Ramz said...

Well as just about anyone can see, not any time soon.

I have not been able to spend the amount of time on improving my internet task. Corporate America has been taking its toll lately. Am hope that I can pick things back up next month.

But for now will have to keep day job.